One Year On

What a jolly good year this one has been,

Working with nature and an incredible team,

From putting up stiles to picking up litter,

This year has flown by, it couldn’t have gone quicker!

Enjoyment was plenty, and smiles there were too,

Never a dull moment, with fun things to do,

Identifying trees from Elder to Oak,

Hearing birds chirp and frogs with their croaks!

Engaging the community is something so neat,

First I was shy, now it’s right up my street,

Organising days for people to bond,

Seeing them smile, creates something so fond.

Improving the world, one step at a time,

Up in cleanliness, our catchment does climb,

From strangers to colleagues, and colleagues to friends,

With these people around me, the fun never ends.

Josh Laidlow