What’s in a name?

Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster but also  Skellow, Loxley, Barnby Dun to name a few.

Rivers are so steeped in our history, geography and lore that many cities, towns and villages reflect that in their names.  Sometimes it’s easier to spot in some than in others: Rotherham and Doncaster fairly obviously mention the river on which they stand, but the Sheaf is not so obvious if you don’t realise that one of the five rivers that flow through Sheffield is the Sheaf and a sheaf of arrows appear on the coat of arms of Sheffield City Council (three sheaves of wheat also figure on it, in a play on words)

Sheffield (England), coat of arms

The Dearne is mentioned in a few places but as the suffix ‘upon Dearne’ e.g. Wath, Bolton or Adwick-upon-Dearne.

The River Don appears in some place and street names as Dun as in Barnby Dun and this map from 1753 shows it as the River Dunn at Forge Island in Rotherham .