Moving on

Here’s more pictures of progress at Steelbank weir.  The concrete base has now been poured for the two flights and the resting pool with the steel visible for the walls.  Next job is to put ‘shutters’ around the steels and pour concrete to form the walls.

2016-08-25 10.43.00.jpg

The site has water in it as the pumps had been switched off at the time.  One of the biggest challenges for the contractors is to keep the site dry and as such they use pumps that keep the site free of water whilst they are working.  As soon as the pumps are switched off the water finds it’s way back in!

The site at Lady’s Bridge has now been set up ready for the contractors to sandbag off the top of the weir


The site at Brightside has had sandbags put in place to dam off the top of the weir before they begin breaking out the weir there to install a two flight Larinier fish pass.  Fingers crossed the weather stays dry!

2016-08-30 10.44.37.jpg