It’s all about the water!

At Brightside weir it’s all about water management!  The sandbags that were in place to dam the weir weren’t as effective as they had been at Steelbank and so piles have been driven to create a coffer dam instead.  Hopefully they should be able to start breaking out the weir by the end of this week.

Coffer dam at Brightside

Work has really come on at Lady’s Bridge and, if the weather stays fine, it should be completed by the end of next week.

As you can see in the photos below, the concrete easement has been inserted in to the face of the weir and the contractors are currently re-laying the stone sets around it.  The easement is pre-cast off site and once installed with a notch at the top of the weir will allow stronger swimming fish to ascend the weir.

Lady’s Bridge Easement
Re-laying the stone sets