Lady’s Bridge



As mentioned on our last blog, the work at Lady’s Bridge weir to install an easement to allow the movement of fish in the River Don is now completed thanks to funding from Biffa Award, the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Environment Agency.

Here are a few things you may or may not know about Lady’s Bridge:

Richard Hawley has written a song called Lady’s Bridge and called his fifth album the same

Take me with you when you go
Lady’s bridge is where we know
Now that our lives turned out so bad
We lost the dreams we once had
We can watch the river flow
And maybe make this city slow

Written by Richard Willis Hawley • Copyright © Universal Music Publishing Group

Lady’s Bridge is the oldest bridge across the River Don in Sheffield

The first references to the weir and the wheel are in 1581.

By 1895 the wheel was obsolete but the weir remains.

It has been a Grade II listed structure since 1973

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