A fungi foray in Canklow woods

We were in Canklow Woods for our fungi foray last week!


Ecologist, Julie Riley guided a group of 17 through the varied and interesting fungi that these woods had to offer. Whilst regaling us with facts and folk tales surrounding the different species Julie helped identify a number of specimens some of which included:  brown birch bolete,  a stinkhorn species, trooping funnel, blushing bracket,  turkeytail, a russula species, an earthball species and jelly ear. We also found…


oysterling (photo – nicole kelly)



fly agaric (photo – nicole kelly)



birch polypore (photo – nicole kelly)


This particular species – although initially unidentifiable – turned out to be Contorted Pipe Club. Although not particularly rare the National Biodiversity Network atlas indicated it had not been included in local records before. So we’ve help discover a first for Rotherham’s fungi records!

The fun didn’t stop there…

DCRT had a craft stall making seasonal pine cone critters, fungi stone art and bird feeders.


Also Tim Stevens from Living Adventure set up his tarpaulin and took people through different bush craft techniques for lighting fires after which we had toasted marshmallow smores.


DCRT just want to say a big thank you to Julie, Tim, Rotherham Council and everyone that came along to the day make this event a success. We hope this will end up being an annual event.