A year of volunteering on the Don

infographic 2017-1
180 conservation volunteers came out to help clean up the Don this year, contributing 1329 hours of their time to the protection of the rivers in the Don catchment. One of our volunteers contributed an incredible 84 hours to the cause!

Our volunteer team have been tidying tow-paths, pulling trolleys from the water and picking lots of litter – 1647 bags of litter in fact! Litter of this scale contributes to local flood-risk, increases water pollution and is eventually washed out to our seas where it poses a great risk to marine life. The waste we find mainly includes unbiodegradable plastic bottles and tin cans dumped on waterside paths, as well as larger fly-tipped items. Trolleys, chairs, prams, tyres, sofas and vacuum cleaners are regularly found and removed from the river by the team. As well as clean-ups we’ve also been improving access on riverside footpaths and maintaining vegetation along the Don Valley Way.

A big thank you to all our incredible volunteers – whose hard-work has really made a difference to the once-neglected riversides in Sheffield, Rotherham & Doncaster.

Our volunteer days run on Tuesdays and Thursdays most weeks and include training. If you would like to volunteer with us in the new year contact our team by emailing volunteer@dcrt.org.uk.