My experience organising the Great British Spring Clean

Our appreciate, Anthony, writes about his experience organising a volunteer litter pick…
As part of my apprenticeship at DCRT I recently organised the Great British Spring Clean. Although I was a little worried at first, I was shocked at how quick and easy it was to do. It is very rewarding to organise a group of friends, all with the same aims, to help improve the environment for the local community and wildlife.

The first thing I had to do was choose the site. I picked a location that I am familiar with for my first event and a place I believed needed a lot of work. This made it easier as I know the address and where the access points to the site are already. Then I had to pick a date and time, this I had to correlate with the nationwide Great British Spring Clean, but choosing a day where you have no other arrangements is best.

Promotion is probably the hardest part of the process however I used the DCRT Twitter and Facebook to get the word out about it. I also created a poster on word and printed it to put up around the site, all of which took me about 30 minutes. The most important thing to remember in promotion is to remember to tell people the date, time, where the event is and where they can find or ask about more information.

You must ensure you have organised for the litter to be collected from a location after the event by the local authority in the area your event is. The last thing that you have to do is complete a risk assessment for the site. DCRT has great risk assessment that you can print off with the information you need, you then tick the boxes with the risks you see on the site on the day. We would be happy to show anyone how it works and also give copies that you can use for your own events.

All this has shown me that organising a volunteer event is not as difficult as it first seems. If anyone would like to organise their own event you can contact anyone from the team and we would be happy to lend you any resources and provide you with any advice if you need any.
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Volunteering is a very rewarding and worthwhile thing to do in your spare time. It helps bring the community together and is very fulfilling use of your time as it gives you a sense of achievement that you have made a difference to the environment. It is also a good social event for a wide range of people to become friends and help their community. The great British spring clean has events all over the country so even if you don’t attend ours you can go to another event near you. These can be seen on the Keep Britain Tidy website under the Great British Spring Clean section.

If you want to come to the clean up we are meeting at 10am on Friday 2nd March on North Street in Swinton, finishing at 1pm.