Life after Covid-19

We asked DCRT trustee John Housham to tell us his hopes and expectations for life and the environment after the coronavirus pandemic, read on to find out more…

Without a crystal ball it is hard to picture how things will be after our current situation is over, even whether it will be over.

The soothsayers are of course online with their views of our future way of living, government, economy and even the environment.  Some pessimistic, some optimistic and some in between.  Whatever the future becomes, we will all have created it.

What if we took the opportunity to create something better, more compassionate and humane, what could it look like? Here are my hopes on the future.


People will have new habits and values that protect the environment

Many more people will have experienced and interacted with their local environment alongside rivers, lakes and in parks in recent weeks.  There could be even more opportunity for people to connect with rivers and value the wildlife that they see, benefiting from the physical and mental stimulation. The environment will become more important to more people and all our healthcare.


More space and more diverse habitats will be created for wildlife

I recently heard that a fox appeared on platform 6 at Sheffield railway station… there is room for both people and wildlife in our towns and cities. You may have heard about the building of fish passes on the many weirs of the Don that will bring salmon back through Doncaster and Rotherham to Sheffield.  This could be extended to connect even more lengths of the Don up into Stocksbridge and the Peninnes or even opening up the River Dearne to Barnsley and River Rother to Chesterfield.  The River corridors could be teaming with an abundant and diverse wildlife from fish to birds to mammals for people to enjoy and value into the future.


Spark more community pride with more people working together

Pictures from space tell us of a new world with less air pollution brought about by less carbon emissions associated with fossil fuel travel and power generation.  These trends could continue with more working from home and less travel. Together we can all reduce pollution of water, land and air by producing less waste at home and at work and use more sustainable energy sources.

What would you like the future to look like?