Flod: River litter transformed!

In our latest guest blog we hear from FLOD, an eco start-up that’s working to transform litter from the Don Catchment’s rivers

We are 4 students: Dom, Max, Oscar and Tom from Sheffield Hallam University launching an eco-plant pot business through an enterprise placement year overseen and supported by the uni.

Our journey started at a university self-enterprise meeting. Identifying a shared interest in making a positive environmental impact we established an interest to work with each other.

Freshly motivated and inspired by the potential of the project we set three core goals

  1. Support and involve ourselves with local charities.

2. Improve the quality of green spaces.

3. Create an environmentally friendly product.

After some discussion and research we realised how easy it is to recycle certain types of commonly littered material. We set to testing, melting milk cartons and polishing glass.

We started litter picking with the DCRT volunteers who have been collecting bags of river rubbish for us to use.

Without workshop access the prototyping started in back gardens. Working with a small budget, progress developed using tools such as toasty makers, second hand microwaves and yogurt pots as moulds.

For the last couple weeks we have had full access to the uni workshops and have been hard at work getting ready to sell our first batch. All made possible by the great work of the DCRT volunteers so thank you all so much for the support!

Flod’s first drop of recycled plant pots are available today through their instagram, with 5% of profits going to charity. Each pot is unique, handmade by Dom, Max, Oscar and Tom using eco-friendly materials and riverside litter.

Our finished pot slots into the drip tray which comes in a variety or colours